Age is just a number

Age is just a number”

said Charlotte as she takes a puff of her cigarette, gazing afar.

“I know, but should I? You know how my parents are, being traditional and all”

“Christ its 2017 Leah. All I can say is that you better pick your battles wisely. You wouldn’t want to ruin your relationship with your family right?”

She stood up, grinding her cigarette butt to a nearby trash can.

“I’ll see you around”

“Yeah thanks for hearing me out”

Sometimes, I envy her freedom.

While I am here reflecting on my own invisible shackle called cultural belief.

As a daughter of an Asian family there are a lot of rules to abide by, often times not by choice- especially when it comes to my future partner.

Thoughts cruised my mind on what my parents would say when I mention the possibility of dating a younger man

“You would look old by his side”

“He’s going to be so childish you have to baby him all the time”

“Who else are you going to rely on if he’s not dependable financially and emotionally?”

It has been five months since and I regret nothing.

For he turned out to be someone that I have been looking for- someone with vision, patience, and care.

I chuckled as I closed my journal and picked up my phone

“I’m feeling Chinese for dinner. How about you love?”